Civil Division: Special Projects

Domestic Violence and Divorce

Helping our clients escape the cycle of domestic abuse is a significant part of our work at LASRC. We focus on stopping family violence, helping to secure stability and financial support for survivors of domestic violence and other individuals involved in divorce actions. Typically, these are cases with a long history of physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse, involving difficult issues of child custody and visitation.

Our attorneys and advocates provide ongoing advice and representation to clients and work with local agencies and community organizations to educate, protect and represent domestic violence victims. Our domestic violence work places emphasis on the enforcement of law to protect victims and demonstrates that violent behavior in the home will not be tolerated.

HIV/AIDS Advocacy

LASRC attorneys handle a variety of legal problems for people living with HIV and AIDS. Services we provide include public benefits, family law, employment, housing, and disability issues.  We assist people who have faced discrimination because they have tested positive for HIV/AIDS, specifically those denied access to housing or who have been threatened with eviction because they have HIV/AIDS; those who have lost jobs because they are suspected of having HIV/AIDS; and those who have been denied insurance coverage because of claims that the HIV/AIDS diagnosis was a pre-existing condition. In addition, LASRC attorneys and advocates provide legal assistance with durable powers of attorney, simple wills and health care directives.


Legal assistance can often help avoid the separation of families and help immigrants remain productive members of their communities. The attorneys at LASRC provide free assistance to individuals and their families with immigration problems including gaining legal status, temporary and permanent resident status, and US citizenship.

Bankruptcy and Consumer Law

LASRC provides legal advice to clients facing consumer law problems. LASRC attorneys also file bankruptcy petitions for clients facing loss of income or resources because of a wage garnishment or a frozen bank account.