Children’s Rights Division

The Children’s Rights Division attorneys represent the overwhelming majority of children who are the subject of cases before the Rockland County Family Court. Formerly known as Law Guardians, our attorneys are now referred to as “Attorneys for the Child” and play a critical role in Family Court proceedings.

Attorneys for the Child

Each year, LASRC represents children in over 1,700 matters in family court. Our attorneys for children are appointed by the family court and advocate for the children in cases involving:

The role of the Children’s Rights attorneys acting as the Attorneys for the Child is to provide legal representation, express the clients’ wishes to the court, and safeguard the legal rights of these clients. They are assigned by the Family Court judges and remain active through the original case and any supplemental proceedings, which frequently takes place over a period of years. To enhance the quality and expand the scope of advocacy, the Children’s Rights Division has a social worker on staff to ensure that the educational, social, and psychological issues that arise in Family Court proceedings are adequately addressed.