• Children’s Rights

    The Children’s Rights Division attorneys represent the overwhelming majority of children who are the subjects of cases before the Rockland County Family Court. Formerly known as Law Guardians, our attorneys are now referred to as “Attorneys for the Child” and play a critical role in Family Court proceedings.

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    Children’s Rights
  • Civil Division: Housing

    Lack of access to quality legal services is one of the major barriers families face in avoiding the loss of their home. LASRC works diligently to keep poor, low- and moderate-income working families in their homes. Our attorneys provide free legal help to homeowners to stop foreclosure action and to preserve the dream of home ownership for as many families as possible.

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    Civil Division: Housing
  • Civil Division: Basic Needs

    Finding the way through the benefits system can be complicated and challenging; however, for many people public benefits from county, state or federal government programs are often the only source of household income. Our attorneys work to ensure that as many people as possible preserve or obtain the benefits that they are entitled to.

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    Civil Division: Basic Needs
  • Civil Division: Special Projects: Domestic Violence & Divorce

    Helping our clients escape the cycle of domestic abuse is a significant part of our work at LASRC. We focus on stopping family violence, helping to secure stability and financial support for survivors of domestic violence and other individuals involved in divorce actions.

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    Civil Division: Special Projects: Domestic Violence & Divorce
  • Civil Division: Special Projects:
    HIV & AIDS

    LASRC attorneys handle a variety of legal problems for people living with HIV and AIDS. Services we provide include public benefits, family law, employment, housing, and disability issues.

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    Civil Division: Special Projects: <br/>HIV & AIDS

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Legal Aid Society of Rockland County, Inc.: The voice for equal justice in our community.

Since 1966, Legal Aid Society of Rockland County, Inc. (LASRC) has provided free civil legal services to Rockland County, New York residents who cannot afford private attorneys. We strive to ensure that Rockland County families and individuals, seniors and children, have access to a safe home, enough food to eat, public benefits to which they are entitled, medical care and adequate shelter.

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New applicants can call us at our toll-free hotline at (845) 634-3627, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


LASRC offers a variety of resources for our community, including clinics and seminars, self-help brochures, and instructional videos.

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One day, I came across a phone number and made a promise to myself that this would be the last number I would call for help. I said that if nobody helps me here, then I give up. Miraculously, it was LASRC. After hearing about my situation, the intake staff put  me touch with an attorney and from that point on, my life has changed tremendously. My attorney was a true symbol of hope.–Miranda

My attorney saved me and my children. From the beginning, she told me not to worry about anything. That she would handle anything and everything that came our way. My attorney went far and beyond what she had to do to help me. Any victim of domestic violence who needs a divorce will be in great hands with LASRC. –Eugenia